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Best Kept Secret of COVID-19

Best Kept Secret of COVID-19

The Best Kept Secret of COVID-19 O‘ahu, Hawaii COVID-19 is causing terrible amounts of suffering globally and of course it should not be taken lightly.  However, there is one aspect of this pandemic that seems to be...

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Do Metal Prints Fade?

Do Metal Prints Fade?

Do Metal Prints Fade? Yes. While the process may or may not be better now (I guess time will tell), it is by my observation of printing on metal surfaces for over ten years that yes, metal prints do fade. I have...

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fine art photography

Mike Neubauer
Fine Art Photography

Mike Neubauer is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. His powerful images capture Mother Nature’s grandeur in spectacular detail and distinctive vibrant color. He has been called the Ansel Adams of his generation and his works are sought after by collectors around the globe. Mike’s fine art photography masterpieces are available in both limited and open editions!


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Learn my secrets of landscape photography with The Landscape Photographer's Field Guide. Available here on my site or on Find out why it is one of the best selling how-to books in the photography sector and an essential resource for ANYONE interested in advancing their photography skills. From the basics of the camera to advanced Photoshop techniques, The Landscape Photographer's Field Guide has you covered. Now available with Free Shipping from Amazon!

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