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Kaiea-5I’ve had a great number of requests to photograph newborns and babies for friends. Until now, I’ve always declined. The reason being, I’m a focused landscape photographer. My gear and skills are honed to capture and express the magic of nature. Well, two weeks ago this all changed with the birth of my son.

As many others have, we hired a photographer to take some baby photos of our boy. This individual had a nice portfolio and came highly recommended. We spent a lot of money for the service and received no photos.  Everything was a la carte. Each picture that we wanted we had to pay for a print. The pictures were OK, but I’m probably a little more critical than most.

I told my wife I could do better, and we left without any physical photographs.  A couple days later I took an hour and just had some fun shooting my kid. I posted a couple of the pictures to my social media following and immediately my inbox filled up. “Are you shooting newborns now?” “Can I book a session?” etc.

Now, I’ve decided to explore this a little more. To see what kind of feedback and interest there is in this, I’ve decided to offer 10 one hour photo sessions over the course of the weekend of June 11 and 12th in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Why Chicago? Well, several reasons. One, although I’ve lived in Maui for the last 14 years, I’m originally from Chicago and I’m sure all my family would love to see our new baby. Two, I’m craving an Italian Beef sandwich and hotdog from Portillos. 😉


The Deal

1 hour of photography at a location in the Western Suburbs, still TBD (Probably near Oakbrook area).  Likely it will be at a hotel where I can control the lighting of a nice room, props, etc. If I can find one with a nice courtyard or outside garden area that could also be used as a backdrop I will secure that. Otherwise, it will be more of a studio setting.

• You will receive ALL images available for download within a week or so. You can expect anywhere from 6-12 professionally shot and processed images in two sizes.  One for use on the web, email, social media and one size will be for printing. Images will be full sized and can be printed up to 40″x60″ with great resolution.

• If you want me to print images for you, I am able to do that and have the pieces delivered right to your door.  Printed on professional grade photographic paper, canvas or on high gloss metal.

The cost for all of this, the photo shoot, the images in digital format and the processing is $250.

• In order to secure one of the 10 spots, a deposit of $100 is required.  Balance of the payment is due June 1st, 2016.

• A full refund is available for all cancellations more than 30 days before the photo shoot. 50% refund is available for cancellations between 15-29 days out. No refunds will be given less than 14 days before the photo shoot unless an act of God occurs that literally prohibits you or I from showing up… Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!



As I mentioned earlier, I spent an hour photographing my boy. This was my first attempt at baby photography, or really any kind of portrait photography, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the end, I came out with 16 images I liked. In one hour. I think that’s pretty good. And I think as I practice more on my new favorite subject, my skills will only get better. So if you think these are good, what do you think I can do with your little cutie?

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Go ahead and click on any image above to see a larger version.


Book Your Session

Sign up now to reserve your spot with a $100 deposit. Detailed information including location and instructions to complete payment of the balance of your photography session will be sent to you via email.  For any questions, please contact me!

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