Essentials of Landscape Photography

Sneak Peak: The Essentials.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has taken me a long time to write this book. And while I may not be the most conventional writer (I write like I speak), I hope you find this sneak peak of the following pages of The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide informative and useful. If you like this, please consider reserving a copy of the full book, available as a digital download for only $10 or a full rugged, go-anywhere book for $35. Either way, this is a ton of really good information that will explode the quality of your photography! Reserve your copy now here.


Want more?

I’m working hard to try to fund the printing of 1,000 copies of this book. In order to do that I have to come up with the cash up front to have that many books printed. If I don’t the books will have to be printed on demand and will cost about $100 each. However, if I can print in bulk, I can get that price down significantly. So, I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise $12k to print 1,000 books. If you reserve your copy now you can get the book for only $35. Believe me it will be worth way more than that. Your pictures will thank you. Your camera will thank you. Your Instagram friends will thank you. Please help support this project by going here. And please hurry, we’re running out of time!

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Thank you!

– Mike

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