LifestyleWhat is an Artist’s Proof?

For the savvy collector,  Artist’s Proofs are available on each of Mike’s Limited Edition pieces. These pieces make up 1/10 or less of each edition and are more highly valued than the regular edition. Because of this, prices (and demand) for the Artist’s Proofs can be significantly higher than the regular edition prints.

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LifestyleWhat is the Difference Between Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints?

Limited Edition Prints are available only in select quantities. The edition sizes are listed on the individual piece’s page, and that size reflects the total amount of pieces produced in all sizes combined.  Mike’s edition sizes are generally between 50 and 250 pieces for his Limited Editions. These low edition sizes give a higher value to your investment compared with prints that are available in much larger quantities. All Limited Edition Prints are hand-signed and inspected by the artist and come with a matching signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Open Edition Prints are pieces that do not have an edition size. Since there is no edition size with pieces in the Open Edition, there may be many copies of a particular image in circulation. Open Edition prints are usually much less expensive and less valuable than Limited Edition prints. These prints come stamped with a digital signature and are shipped from our printing facility in California. A Certificate of Authenticity will be sent in addition with all Open Edition orders which is hand signed by Mike and will add value to your print.

EmpyrealWhat is the Difference Between Archival and Metal Prints?

Archival Prints
are traditional photographic prints being printed on Premium grade photographic papers. In the right lighting conditions these prints can last over 100 years. Since these prints are done on paper, they should be mounted, matted and framed to take full advantage of the quality of the print.

Our Archival Prints come unframed, unmounted and without a matte. If you order an Archival Print it will arrive as just the print itself. All prints smaller than 40″ on the longest edge will ship flat. Anything larger than that will be rolled. We recommend taking these prints to a professional frame shop to have them mounted, matted and framed.

Metal Prints are a contemporary style of printing that takes full advantage of modern technology at its finest. These prints are made on a brushed aluminum surface and coated with a polyurethane gloss that protects the image much longer than traditional papers. These prints can last easily twice as long as prints made on Archival Papers. Orders of Metal Prints are shipped flat, with orders over 40″ on the longest edge being crated before shipment. These prints are extremely durable and ready to hang. They come with a ½” floating mount so the pieces don’t need mounting, matting or framing, they can be hung on the wall right out of the box. These frameless images provide a dramatic contemporary feel which Mike believes may be the future of Fine Art Photographic Printing.

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frameWhat is your Current Pricing Structure?

All artwork is priced per size based on the availability of the edition. Open Edition pieces have set prices that do not change. However, since Limited Edition Prints are restricted in their availability, pricing is based on a sliding scale.  The price when the piece is launched is the best value for each piece. As the editions begin to sell out, the price increases in set increments.  For instance, let’s take the piece Ataraxia. Once 10% of Ataraxia’s edition is sold out, the price of the remaining pieces in the edition rises 10%.  When 20% of the edition is sold, the price for the remaining pieces rises another 10%, and so on.  So the best value is to purchase artwork upon its initial launch.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is an important aspect to all fine art. It ensures the piece of artwork you are buying comes from an authorized seller and ensures the quality of the piece is up to par with the Artist’s wishes. Each C.O.A. accurately describes details of each piece of artwork, such as the edition size, image size, artist’s signature, etc. In today’s day and age, it is becoming more and more common for individuals to steal other artist’s images and sell them outright. Any image without a C.O.A. should never be purchased.

What are my Framing Options?

We do offer framing for your fine art purchase, however, depending on your location and if you are near a high quality professional framer, you may be better off using your framer due to the high expense of materials coming to and from our location in Hawaii. Because of our location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and because we use only the finest mouldings that are hand-made in Italy, our framing can be quite pricey. Especially when they need to be shipped from here to locations outside of Hawaii. If you are interested in having us mount, matte and frame your piece, please contact us directly for pricing. Below are the framing options that we currently use.


Do you Ship to my Country?

Artwork can be shipped to any country on the planet. Our online store, however, only accepts shipping to certain countries. If shipping options do not show up for your country, please contact us and ask for a quote!

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