The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide campaign is now LIVE!

We literally launched this campaign on Kickstarter just a few seconds ago. There are some awesome early bird rewards for the first pledgers to this project, so follow this link and check it out! If you or someone you know is into photography, get on over there and reserve a copy of this book!

This book will literally take your photography skills to another level. I’ve put all kinds of tips, tricks, techniques and secrets that most professional landscape photographers use into the pages of this book. If you shoot a digital SLR camera, you are going to want a copy of this book!

I really need your help to make this campaign successful so please check out the link! Even if you’re not interested, if you could share this with your friends, that would be HUGE!

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Recap of the Project

If you missed the last few emails or social media posts, here’s a recap:

For the last six months or so I’ve been working on answering all the questions I receive on a regular basis from fellow photographers. These questions are from both novice shooters and pro shooters alike. They range from simple camera related questions to more advanced Photoshop technique questions. I put my answers into a detailed and comprehensive 144 page book called The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide.

No matter your skill level, the information, secrets, tips and techniques in this book will raise your level of photography exponentially. But, in order to get the book printed, I need your help.

The landscape photographer's field guide
I’ve decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to get the book published. Today the campaign launched on Kickstarter!

Watch a short video on the project! >

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter or how it works, scroll to the bottom.


The Rewards: 

If you choose to help back this project, there are a multitude of different rewards at different pledge levels. Here’s the breakdown…

  • $10 – Digital Download : For as little as $10 you can get a digital copy of the book. Take it with you anywhere you go!
  • $25 – Super Early Bird Book + eBook : copy of the physical book along with a copy of the eBook (limited to 25 backers)
  • $30 – Early Bird Book + eBook : same as above for those who aren’t one of the first 25 backers (limited to 50 backers)
  • $35 – Book +eBook : when all the early bird pledges are gone, books will still be available at only $35 a piece!
  • $45 Signed Book + eBook : Make me sign that book for you! Add more signed books at $30/each!
  • $75 Backer Status : Get a signed book, an eBook and your name printed in the book as an official supporter! Add more signed books at $30/each!
  • $100 Silver Backer : Get the signed book, Get the eBook, Be a Backer and get access to a full resolution digital image of “Tomorrow’s Dream”. The file is downloadable and ready to print on your wall as large as you’d like! Add more signed books at $30/each!
  • $350 The Golden Backer : Get all the items above (signed book, ebook, artwork, backer status) and a 15″x45″ physical print of “House of Echoes” on archival paper. This print is limited to only the amount of backers of this campaign. After campaign is over no more prints will ever be produced! Super limited edition! Larger sizes also available
  • $750 The Diamond Backer : Same as The Golden Backer except instead of archival paper, “House of Echoes” will print on brushed aluminum and be ready for hanging on your wall!
  • $1500 The Master Class : Get everything the Golden Backer gets, plus come shoot with me in Maui for a two day private session. I’ll teach you all you can handle both behind the camera and in front of the computer! (limited to 5 backers)

The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide is available in physical and digital editions for as little as $10!


“Tomorrow’s Dream” 
Available to all backers who pledge at the $100 level or higher.

“House of Echoes”
KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! This print will only be available on Kickstarter  to those who pledge to the $350 level or higher, and only for the length of this campaign. If only one person pledges, there will only ever be one print of this image in existence.

The extremely limited edition “House of Echoes” would look awesome on your wall!

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How a Kickstarter campaign works: 

A Kickstarter campaign is essentially a platform for creatives to launch a project such as The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide, where friends, followers or interested individuals can pledge their support for the project. The creator determines a funding goal which the project needs to meet in order to be successful. Supporters then can pledge a certain dollar amount to the project and receive different levels of rewards for the different levels of their pledges. Funding on Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if the goal is not met, no exchange of money takes place.

For this project, I chose a project goal of $12,000. That’s the amount of money I’ll need to raise in order to be able to print these books and ship them out. If you are an interested party and think this book would be awesome to have, you get in early and pledge $25 for your copy. Kickstarter basically takes your info and waits. If by the end of the funding period (for this project 30 days) we do not reach our $12k goal, no transaction takes place. If we do reach the goal, your credit card will be charged that $25. The whole process is seamless and secure.

Along the way I’ll be giving updates to show our progress.

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Not Interested, No Problem! 

Thank you so much for reading this and giving me a few moments of your time. I certainly won’t be able to make this project successful without your help. Even if you’re not interested in the project or any of the rewards, if you could share this link with any friends or family you think might be interested or post it to your Facebook page or other social media, that would be a huge help. I’m sorry to go into salesman mode, but if I don’t reach the funding goal, I won’t be able to launch this project, and I’ve spent a ton of time, effort and money making sure this book is top notch!

Thanks again for your support my friend, have a great weekend!


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