Limited Edition Fine Art Photography

January, 2020:

Aloha my friends! Today I’ve decided to change the way I sell fine art photography. Starting today we will no longer be printing any images. Instead, we will sell digital downloads at MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE rates (starting at only $299!) that you can print at the printer of your choice and on the medium of your choice.  Limited editions will continue to be limited to between 5 and 250 pieces in the edition. Each purchase will carry with it a digital signature that is embedded onto the print.

For example, if you were to order the first piece in an edition of 100 pieces, your image will show my signature followed by “1/100”. It will be the only file like this in existence and I recommend you saving the file to a backup hard drive. Accompanying your image will be a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity that I will physically mail to you.

By offering this opportunity, you now have the ability to print your image on any medium you like (metal, glass, canvas, archival paper, etc.), and if you don’t like how it looks, you can re-print it. If the image starts fading for whatever reason, re-print it! If you’d like it in a bigger size, re-print it! The options are endless, and the price is less than it has ever been! This is the best time ever to buy fine art photography!



Pricing Structure:

As of this writing, pricing will be $299 for the download. As the edition begins to sell out, there will be intervals where the pricing does go up. As the piece is closer to selling out the pricing will be higher. So it is to your advantage to make your purchase early!

As this is a new opportunity, bear with me as I make the transition through each piece, offer more artwork and iron out all the details associated with this new process. If you’d like to place an order, please shoot me an email with the name of the piece, or connect with me directly through Facebook (@earthtrot) or Instagram (@earthtrot).

Have a great day!

Due to the size, quantity and quality of the images on this page, it may take a minute to load all images within the galleries.

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