Limited Edition Prints from $299!

For awhile now I’ve been struggling with how to make limited edition prints more affordable and still retain their value. Well, I think I’ve figured it out. Starting today, I won’t be doing any more printing. Instead, each limited edition piece will be sold as a digital download. The files will be full resolution so you’ll be able to print them any size you like on any medium you like (canvas, acrylic face mounted, archival prints, metal prints, etc.). Each digital download will also include a digital signature, limited edition numbering imprinted onto the actual image (for example number 1/100 or 44/250, and so on).  So, if you purchase number 1/100 that image will never again be available for download. 

This gives you, the collector the opportunity to reprint the image if for some reason the original gets damaged, loses its color, or you decide you’d rather see it in a larger size or printed on different material.  It protects you from having to pay expensive printing fees, shipping fees (from Hawaii, it gets expensive!) and gives you the option to use your favorite printer. 

As the edition gets closer to selling out, the prices for the digital download of a particular image will go up as the scarcity of the piece becomes greater. Along with the digital download, you will be mailed a Certificate of Authenticiy signed and numbered by me. 

Ready to purchase that limited edition print that you’ve always wanted? Head on over to the Limited Edition Prints area now!

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