Mike Neubauer

Mike Neubauer

Who is Mike Neubauer? Well, I can tell you that I’m an award-winning landscape photographer and I’ve been on the cover of blah blah blah and go on and on with awards, distinctions and other tokens of honor that I am truly humbled about. But that doesn’t really tell the story of who I am, does it?

So, let’s get the basics out of the way: I was born in Chicago (Go Cubs!) went to college at the Art Institute of Colorado where I graduated with top honors and was mentored by a couple top notch photographers in Denver and Italy before making my way out to Maui, Hawaii in 2002. Ever since then I’ve been working tirelessly to get better every day at what I do.

I’m a guy with a million brilliant ideas that pull me every which way, but I can’t ever seem to focus on just one.  I’m a guy who gives everything I have to anything I undertake, but really only excel at one thing…

I’m a really good photographer.

A lover of music (Black Sabbath to Buddy Guy), sports and life, I’m married to my best friend, am father to the world’s best kid, and every day is better than the last. I spend most of my time at home in Maui, Hawaii, but travel about a month or two out of every year to photograph the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

I have an affinity for adventure and an awe for the natural world. I feel closest to God when I’m out enjoying His natural landscapes. There is a passion woven through the fabric of my being to explore and create and be the best at what I do as I possibly can be. I get anxious when I sit still for too long and complacency is equal to death in my eyes. I yearn to learn, to grow to be better every day, at my craft and as a person. When my time here is done, I want to be able to feel at peace knowing that I used every ounce of talent and creativity He gave me.

I am eternally grateful for all the blessings in my life and for what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far. I’m thankful for the people who helped me publish my books, The Kingdom of Maui: A Photographer’s Journey which received two honorable distinctions from the International Photography Awards competition and The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide, which I’m super proud of. I’ve even got another coffee table book ready to print that is similar to The Kingdom of Maui, but has images from ALL the Hawaiian Islands. It’s really beautiful, but I’m not going to publish that until I find a publisher that can handle everything from printing to distribution. Is this you?  Get in touch!  And I’m thankful for anyone who is actually reading this. Thank you! My photography is a passion and I bleed for it, so thank you for appreciating it!

Well that’s me, Mike Neubauer. Now, how about telling me about you!

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