Nikon vs. Canon : Customer Service

Okay, I wish this one was a little more even, but it’s not. At least not in my opinion. Granted, I haven’t had to call Canon in awhile so maybe their support system has changed, but I kinda doubt it. 

So, here it is. Canon makes you feel like family when you call. They have real people answer the phone, they seem to genuinely care about your issue, and they are extremely helpful in trying to resolve it. I appreciate that, especially when I call because there’s an issue with my gear, or I dumped another body into the ocean. Not fun.

Nikon, on the other hand, makes you feel like you are a problem when you call. No one ever seems to care and they just want to pass you off or get off the phone as quickly as possible. I love my Nikon cameras, but their customer support is atrocious. I loathe having to call them because I can feel the apathy as soon as they pick up the phone.  

Again, this is just based on their customer service and has nothing to do with the actual gear, so take it at that. And also again, these are just my opinions based on my experiences with each. Hopefully you have nothing but positive reviews for whatever customer support team you may need to call!

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