Location: Maui, Hawai‘i
Edition size:  Open
Sizes: 12″x36″ • 20″x60″
Finish: Kodak Endura Premium Photographic Paper

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Artist notes:

I must have driven by this area a hundred times.  These falls are right off the side of the road, but hidden from view.  Most of the times that I’ve driven by there hasn’t been any water.  But on this particular day I drove out to a friend’s house near here and I stopped just to check it out.  The water was flowing nicely and so I headed down.  I got about knee deep in the water and set my camera on a tripod just above the water and snapped a couple of frames.

Then I sat on a rock for awhile (and got eaten by mosquitos) while I took in the whole “zen garden” feel of these arcane little waterfalls.  This is a special place where I’ll be visiting and shooting again, I’m sure.  A place where I’ve never seen any tourists (that’s rare for this island), and a place with great energy on the East side of Maui.

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12"x36", 15"x45", 20"x60"

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