Kepuhi Twilight


Location: Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i
Edition size: 50 limited edition | 3 artist proofs
Sizes: 20″x30″ • 30″x45″ • 40″x60″

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Artist notes:

In order to get this shot, I waited until long after the sun set to snap the shutter open.  I left the shutter open for about ten minutes to capture the residual effects of the amazing sunset.  My wife was with me and we enjoyed a little picnic on the banks of the tidepools while waiting for the shot to finish rendering.  When I finally did finish taking this image, I was delighted with what I saw in the camera.  I didn’t think the color would be as vibrant as it was, or that the blues would be so translucent in the shallow pools of water in front of the camera.

To me, this was a turning point photograph.  Every so often I find myself resonating with certain images more than others.  Capturing this image helped me to change some of the ways I look at photography and what I now know is possible.  ”Kepuhi Twilight” will always be a special image to me.

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Archival Print, Metal Print


20"x30", 20"x30" – Artist Proof, 30"x45", 30"x45" – Artist Proof, 40"x60", 40"x60" – Artist Proof

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