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Artist Notes:

By the time I shot this, I was staggering up the sand dunes. It was the middle of Death Valley and the afternoon sun was blazing. Normally I’m not one that drinks much water, but I knew if I didn’t here I would quickly dehydrate. So, I made it a point to stop every ten minutes and have a drink. There was no where to hide, and at times I had to just sit down to conserve energy.  I was waiting for the sun to drop so the lighting would get better, but I wanted to be in position before that took place.

I had climbed up this sand dune to take a peak around as I thought that was where I wanted to shoot from, but when I got up there I realized it probably wasn’t my best option. So I staggered down and actually shot this picture before the sun was completely down. The shadows were nice and I really liked the composition here. Turns out I really like the way the piece came out too!

I spent a few more hours in the sand dunes shooting around before making the long journey back to my car. It truly was a long way home as I was staying about an hour and a half from this location. Though after photographing the night sky a little bit I decided to make the drive back to Vegas in the early hours of the morning to see my family.

Long Way Home was shot with a Nikon D850 with Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 Lens and Gitzo Tripod in Death Valley, California. 

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