Of Peace and Prayer


Location: Chicago, USA
Edition size: 25 limited edition | 2 artist proofs
Sizes: 20″x30″ • 30″x45″ • 40″x60″

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Artist notes:

Years ago when I lived in Chicago, I would go and visit this Bahai temple and marvel at the architecture and the beauty of the gardens surrounding the building. I knew I wanted to photograph it one day in the right light, so when I was there over the summer a few years back I watched how the light hit the building. I noticed at a certain time of day the sun hit directly on the face of this side of the building, casting shadows straight back.  A few days later I came down on a clear day in the morning and watched as the light got better and better. I switched to manual focus and exposure and shot the piece while using neutral density filters to darken the sky.  The contrasts of this piece lend it to an excellent black and white composition and have helped earn it multiple awards from both the International Photography Awards and the Monochrome Awards. I’m happy now to release it in a extremely limited edition of only 25 pieces.

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Archival Print, Metal Print


20"x30", 20"x30" – Artist Proof, 30"x45", 30"x45" – Artist Proof, 40"x60", 40"x60" – Artist Proof

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