Orange Kiss


Location: Maui, Hawai‘i
Edition size: Open Edition
Sizes: 12″x36″ • 20″x60″
Finish: Kodak Endura Premium Photographic Paper

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Orange Kiss

Artist Notes:

The evening I shot this I was with my wife exploring and looking for new beachfront landscapes to shoot. I had just picked up a drone and was letting my wife play around with it (maybe not the best idea). While she was tooling around I found this tight little section of beach that I liked. I setup my camera and tripod and was firing off a couple of test shots when I heard my wife calling for me. It was quiet at first and then got a little more excited…

It turns out she has flown the drone out of range and it’s no longer showing up on the navigation. Long story short, by this time the sun was 20 minutes from setting and our drone was gone. Out of visible range and batteries quickly fading. At this point I fired off a quick bracketed burst of 5 frames for the sunset, grabbed my gear and bolted. I took the controls of the drone and tried to navigate it back to our location, but because there was no visibility of where it was at, I flew it straight into a palm tree.

The drone crashed and I could now see on the screen the base of it and the water nearby. Thankfully it wasn’t in the drink, but it was close. My wife and I scrambled up and down the coastline trying to find it. Finally, we did. A few scrapes and scratches and nothing more.

At this point I wasn’t even thinking about the sunset shot. I was just thankful we had the drone back. However, when I got home and started going through the 5 frames that I snapped, I saw a really nice layout. As I started processing it, the image kept getting better and better. It was a gorgeous sunset that night, after all, and the composition was good. The end result turned out to be a shot I liked a lot, and hope you do too!

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12"x36", 20"x60"

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