Palm Skies


Location: Big Island, Hawai‘i
Edition size: Open Edition
Sizes: 12″x36″ • 20″x60″
Finish: Kodak Endura Premium Photographic Paper

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Palm Skies

Artist notes:


I left the cold damp confines of my hotel on the Hilo side of Hawai‘i island and started driving South at about 3am. I knew the place I wanted to photograph that morning but wasn’t sure what was going to be there. The research I had done had shown a couple neat possibilities, but this was one of those places I didn’t have a chance to really preplan before I got there.  Thankfully, there were many options for compositions in the area.

Of course, the ocean is always fantastic, so I did shoot a sunrise over there. However, before I left I found this great patch of palm trees that stared up at the sky. The vast clear blue skies were dotted with green along the landscape. Looking up and seeing these beautiful palms stretch heavenwards made me really happy and I knew I wanted to photograph it. Believe it or not, it took much longer than I would’ve expected to find just the right composition!

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12"x36", 20"x60"

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