Winding Down


Location: Utah, USA
Edition size: Open Edition
Sizes: 12″x36″ • 20″x60″
Finish: Kodak Endura Premium Photographic Paper

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Winding Down

Artist Notes:

My dad and I were somewhere outside of Moab, Utah as the sun was quickly fading. I really wanted to catch a nice sunset, and all the scenery was amazing, but nothing that had all the elements I wanted in it. Time was winding down, and with that said, I remembered passing an area about 20 miles back that I thought was pretty sweet.

With no time to spare, I flipped a U-turn in my Mustang and put the hammer down. The winding roads were a blast to drive and I kept my eyes peeled for that spot I had seen. Suddenly I started recognizing some of the landscape. I was close. Soon, the river next to me started to twist and turn and I knew I was in my spot.

I pulled over, quickly loosened the legs of my Gitzo, and set up the shot. I bracketed a couple of images to make sure I could get the information out of the shadow and highlight areas. The sun passed behind the canyon surrounding me. It was a tremendous location. We stopped to marvel the magnitude of the canyon for a few more minutes before heading back to our hotel.

The funny thing about this shot, is that where I set up was literally right in front of a guy who was on a camping chair reading a book. He didn’t even look up. I was in and out of there in no time flat and left with a pretty sweet picture. I wish they were all that easy!

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12"x36", 20"x60"

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