What are the Advantages of Metal Prints?

metal backing with ½" floating mountWe are proud to be among the first Fine Art Galleries in the world offering exclusive limited edition photography on a high gloss brushed aluminum base. We believe these metal prints are here to stay and are excited to be offering them as an alternative to traditional photographic prints. As a student of fine art, photography and history, Mike has worked with and appreciates his time in the dark room; shooting traditional film and printing on photographic papers. However, he also sees the limitations of each and strives to be on the forefront of progression.

Just as digital photography has taken its place in the landscape of fine art – replacing film and dark rooms, we believe alternatives to paper like the metal prints we offer here, have many distinct advantages over their more traditional brethren. Below are a few of the reasons we feel metal is a better alternative to traditional paper prints.

metal prints

The Metal Advantage

1) Better Image Protection.
Even the best archival papers are broken down by light over time.  There are ways to help preserve the images longer, like museum glass, and ultra-high quality inks, but the fact remains, images on any type of paper will eventually break down.  Printing on metal is a different process as the inks adhere to a polyurethane substrate which is then coated in a high gloss finish, protecting the artwork for easily twice as long as the best papers.

2) Better Image Quality
Because of the high gloss finish and the polyurethane polymers below it, images jump with color like they are dripping wet with vibrance and saturation.  Step into one of our galleries and experience the magic first hand!

3) Ready to Hang
By default, all images shipped from Earth Trot Galleries are printed on brushed aluminum with a high gloss finish and a ½” floating mount. This means the images come ready to hang. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a high end frame with museum quality glass.  Your artwork is ready for the wall as soon as it is uncrated.  This contemporary look gives a sleek, modern feel to your artwork.

4) Go Ahead, Wash It!
That’s right, if one of your guests happens to touch the art and fingerprints find their way onto the metal, don’t worry about it.  Grab a cloth, use some Windex and wipe it off.  You won’t damage the print!

5) Want To Frame It? No Problem!
For that ultimate in luxury fine art look, we are proud to offer the finest mouldings in the world. Your metal print will fit right inside the chiseled wooden frame and completely pop!

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